Shari's Berries Looks On The Bright Side Of Dementia To Improve Customer Experience

Let’s say a Mother’s Day gift food delivery gets delivered to a stranger’s address, so you call the customer on behalf of your company to deliver the bad news. Uh-oh, now that customer is angry that her Mother’s Day gift isn’t going to make it in time! What do you do? You probably don’t say, “Well your mom is 85 years old, so maybe she won’t remember which day Mother’s Day is?”

According to Kyle, that’s what someone from Shari’s Berries said about his grandmother on Saturday:

Three days ago, my mom ordered a dozen chocolate-dipped strawberries for her mom who lives across the country, costing $50 with a $10 express delivery charge to make sure that they got there by mother’s day.

Today [Saturday], we got a call from an employee, who informed us that they were delivered to the wrong person. To correct the situation, he called to ask us for her address so the lady who incorrectly received my mom’s order could deliver it to her mom.

…Which is ridiculous! Because:

1) They already should have her address from when the order was placed, and

2) We’re not going to give my 85 year-old grandmother’s address to a stranger, who has had the strawberries and could’ve done anything to them.

When we raised these concerns, they informed us that they would be able to ship a replacement package for the same price (not charging us again) 4 days from now.

“…But that’s not Mother’s Day!”

“Well your mom is 85 years-old, so maybe she won’t remember which day mother’s day is?”

This conversation really occurred! Talk about poor customer service!

Okay, I get that the CSR was likely trying to lighten the mood. Making fun of someone’s grandma is probably not the right strategy, though. (And on Betty White Day, too!)

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