Kohl's Replaced The Shoelaces My Daughter Snipped

Many things can happen when you give your kids scissors, none of them good. Greg learned the lesson when his daughter severed the special, glittery laces on her new shoes. Being a good dad, he headed to Kohl’s hoping to buy replacements, which the store doesn’t sell. Luckily an employee grabbed a display shoe, pulled out the lace and sent Greg on his way to his relieved daughter.

Greg gushes:

I have to share this story of excellent service…

This morning, my daughter was a little over-eager to wear a new pair of shoes she just got for her 8th birthday. She’s very independent, and decided to cut the tag off the laces herself. Problem is, she also snipped right through the middle of the lace on one of the shoes. And of course these aren’t just standard white shoe laces – they have some sort of metallic fiber in the laces to make them glittery.

So I was thinking it would be difficult to find replacements. My first stop was to Kohl’s, which sells this particular style of shoes. I couldn’t find any laces, so I eventually found someone who informed me that they no longer carry such accessories. But she asked me to wait, disappeared behind a warehouse door for a few minutes, then came back out and started going through shoe boxes. She eventually grabbed the display shoe, pulled out the lace, then walked me to the door where she checked with a cashier and said she was giving me the shoelace to replace a broken one.

I will also be sending a message to Kohl’s to specifically thank [redacted] at store #[redacted], but I wanted to pass this along to consumerist readers. I’m assuming I could have probably ordered replacement laces from the shoe manufacturer, but thanks to Kohls I didn’t have to go that far (or wait that long). Now I can’t wait to take the repaired shoe home to my daughter tonight.

I would have made my kid walk around with an ugly replacement shoelace and spared the trouble for Kohl’s, and more importantly, myself.

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