Comcast Is Giving Me More Channels Than I Pay For… Do I Tell Them?

A reader has written in to ask us what we think the moral and financial ramifications of accepting free extra channels from Comcast might be.

The reader is signed up for basic cable and internet, which is supposed to be like 25 channels. When it was all hooked up and ready to go, a channel search found nearly 150 channels.

Here’s the question:

I guess I’m wondering – can Comcast figure this out? I’ve gotten a bill since this has happened, with no increase in price. I have really no moral feelings of guilt that are making me want to call them, but if they can figure it out and will bill me, or bill me for past months when they do figure it out, I want to get this sorted out now. I thought Comcast had a physical barrier on the pole outside my house that kept this from happening – I guess not. Is this something that happens often and they just know but turn a blind eye?
Should I just consider it Comcast’s mistake and enjoy? Or will they eventually figure out?

Sounds like it’s time for a poll.

UPDATE: A little bird wearing a Comcast polo tells us that the reader might be in an area that is about to go digital only, and, if so, the effect is sadly temporary. Enjoy it while it lasts.