Netflix Won't Accept My Credit Card Because Of Security Code Glitch

Chuck thought he’d get his mom a Mother’s Day gift that would keep on giving — a Netflix subscription. But the site denied his card and he called customer service, which still couldn’t take his money, attributing the denial to a problem with the 3-digit CID code on the back of the card.

He writes:

Today I tried to buy my Mom a Netflix subscription for Mother’s Day on their website.

I got all the way to the payment screen, inputted my credit card info and when I hit process received and invalid card message.

I tried, again, and again. Same results.

I called customer service and almost immediately got a very nice, helpful rep. I explained my situation and she was able to input my card info into my order. The last portion, my Card Security Code had to be entered by me. She remained on the line while I entered this. When I hit purchase, I again received the same message. She asked for my code and when I gave it her she said oh, there is a known problem with cards with that code. They are seen by our system as null. I asked what my options were and she suggested I use another card and insinuated that it was my banks fault for issuing a card with such a code. I explained that I did not have another card and that this was an obvious Netflix system bug as I have used the cards on Amazon as well as countless other websites.

She had no further options with me and seemed quite content with letting my business go.

Have you had any credit card trouble with Netflix?

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