USPS Thinks Everyone Lives With Dan

Dan can’t get his postal carrier to understand the concept of people moving away–if you’ve ever lived in Dan’s apartment, you’ve always lived in his apartment.

I moved to my apartment over a year and a half ago, changed the name on the mail box and thought that would be it. Turns out thats not the case. In this time, I have had 6 different names worth of mail delivered to me.

I understand that people move and forget to notify the correct people about the change of address but wait, there’s more. The first time it happened, I returned it to the post office and informed them that the names do not reside there and that I am the only one there.

Then it continued. I brought it to the post office again and informed them that I am the only one there and they said, “We will let the delivery person know.”

Then a week later it happened again. This time I made a sign and placed it above the box saying “Please only put mail with the name ____ in this box, Thank you.”

A few weeks later, again with other people’s mail. Back to the post office I go and the same story–“There is no one by this name here-” “Okay, I’ll let them know.” This time I was asked, “Is your name on the box? You are required to have your name on the box to insure proper mail delivery.” I said yes, there is a name on my box and a note saying to only deliver mail to that box. “Okay, I’ll inform them.”

Recently it continued, only getting worse. I changed the label to “Please only deliver mail for ___ all other names do not live here. Return all other mail to Post office” Clearly they can’t read because it keeps happening.

Here’s the bottom line. The mail I’m getting is not just junk, but personal and time sensitive documents! I have received credit card offers, pre-piad checks, personal mail, tax returns, jury duty notices, packages (jammed into the slot ripping my own mail) and bills. I have returned all of this to the post office because I would want someone to do the same, but what else can I do? If I didn’t care, I could take this mail and use it for my own and steal identities.

Why doesn’t the post office even care about this?

Dan, have you considered that maybe you have multiple personalities? If you’ve already ruled that out, then you might want to file an official complaint. Call or email the USPS via the information on their customer service page.

Before you do that, take the email you sent us and condense it down into an outline with dates for each event, so that it’s easy to communicate that this is a well-documented, ongoing problem, and that your carrier is ignoring your notices.

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