Apple's 3G iPad Debuts, World Keeps Turning

Is it just us, or did Friday’s debut of the pricier, newer version of Apple’s iPad with 3G kinda just… happen? The Steve Jobs-drive juggernaut rolled out the high-speed wireless model of their tablet with seemingly less ado than they did with the first iteration which drove tech lovers to foam at the mouth in April.

Reuters reports that although there seemed to be less squaals of unadulterated joy this go around, some Apple stores had consumers lining up overnight before Friday’s 5 p.m. launch.

The 3G iPad is also Wi-Fi compatible and starts at $629 and can run up to $829. The original model starts at the bargain basement price of $499. AT&T, which is the sole carrier for the iPhone, is selling unlimited access plans for the iPad at $29.99 a month.

Are you over the iPad yet? Anyone else feeling kind of “eh” at this point?

Apple launches 3G iPad, looks to maintain momentum [Reuters]

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