Most Americans Don't Want Reagan On $50 Bill

Fans of Ronald Reagan have gotten airports and highways named after the 40th president, but a proposal to put the Gipper on the $50 bill in place of Ulysses S. Grant is about as popular as putting Bonzo on the hundred.

The proposal, by Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry, is opposed by 79% of Americans, including 71% of Republicans, according to a Marist Poll. Not only that, but it turns out that there are some very vocal Grant fans out there, and they’re not about to let Reagan take over from the Civil War hero. According to the Washington Post:

Some lawmakers once tried getting Reagan on the $20 bill, but Tennessee pols blocked the move in favor of native son Andrew Jackson. McHenry’s office had no comment on the poll. He’s pushing the measure because Reagan usually outranks Grant on surveys of the best American presidents. But Grant backers called McHenry “an absolute idiot and a moron,” reminding doubters that Grant’s military efforts saved the Union.

Reagan supporters may be able to take comfort in the fact that there will eventually be a Reagan dollar coin,since the U.S. Mint is issuing coins for every president. That coin will be available sometime after 2016, right after those issued for Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

Most oppose Reagan on the $50 bill [Washington Post]

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