Philly Police No Longer Going To Waste Time On Fender Benders

Philly police say they are no longer going to waste time and resources responding to minor fender benders in which there are no injuries and the cars can be safely driven away.

From CBS in Philly:

“If there’s an issue that you don’t feel can be resolved without the officer there, the dispatcher will evaluate that on the phone when you call 911 and then he/she will have an officer respond,” Lt. Vanore said.

Several other cities, including Chicago, are already utilizing the policy.

Instead of bothering the police, if you have a minor fender bender you can exchange information and file a police report by phone, police told CBS.

They also said they respond to “nearly 70,000 auto accidents each year, adding about 10,000 do not require a police officer.”

Have you been able to handle minor car accidents without police help? Did it work out? Do you see this working out in Philly?

Philly Cops No Longer Responding To Fender Benders [CBS via Fark]

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