This Breyers Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Sort Of Forgot The Cookies

Kevin bought some Breyers cookies and cream ice cream, and he writes that he was disappointed to find an almost total lack of cookies in the container. Noooo!



I don’t know what’s going on with this Ice Cream but we bought two tubs of it about a week ago and were severely disappointed with the quality. For example my family bought cookies and cream but what we got was vanilla ice cream with some black specks of cookie. I’ve attached pictures of the two tubs we bought both the pictures on the outside and then how the inside looks absolutely nothing like the exterior. Now I realize they will never match exactly but seriously my 7 year old was even disappointed since it literally had ZERO cookies. They have a “guarantee” on quality but you must mail it into an address with a UPC – and I’m not wasting my forever stamps for something like that…so I figured I’d get some satisfaction out of you guys busting them on their quality.

Now, it could be that this was mislabeled French vanilla…but unlikely. Aww, come on, Kevin, what’s 44 cents compared to the cost of two containers of ice cream?

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