Texas Woman's House Demolished By Mistake

A 69-year-old woman in Frisco, Texas, now has a pile of rubble to call home after a bulldozer operator screwed up and leveled her house instead of the one across the street that was supposed to be demolished.

The house across the street had been slated for demo after repeated violations including high grass and weeds, outside storage, junked vehicles and failure to secure the structure. That homeowner had been notified in January of the need to repair or face demolition.

Last week, the demo company got the permit to raze that house and notified the utilities to cut service.

And then they flattened the wrong home.

“I don’t have the words to say,” explained the wronged homeowner, whose family had lived in the house for 47 years. “I just want this house put back together… I think I need a lawyer.”

She says that she has been made offers of $5,000 or a new home.

Like the house that was supposed to be demolished, this house had been given a warning about violations at a recent hearing. The homeowner promised to make repairs by July 15, but that might be a little difficult now.

Lucky for her, a City Council rep says the homeowner can file for an extension.

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