Israel Lifts Ban On iPads

Seems like only 11 days ago we were writing about how Israeli customs officers were confiscating iPads at airports. Well, apparently the country has had a change of heart and has decided to allow the oversized iPod Touches in.

The reason given for the initial iPad ban was that Israeli government technicians had not yet had a chance to review the tablet-y device and whether or not it met their standards for WiFi devices.

But in the days since they have had their chance to get their hands on the iPad and have declared it okey dokey.

Says a Ministry of Communications rep:

The scrutiny conducted by the Ministry technical team vis-à-vis Apple’s team, international laboratory and European counterparts confirmed that the device which could be operated in various standards will be operated in Israel in accordance to the local standards.

The Ministry says they have already begun allowing iPads into the country. Wonder if any of the people who had theirs confiscated have gotten them back yet.

Israel Gives Approval for iPad Imports [PCWorld]

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