Home Depot Convinced Me To Take My Business Elsewhere

Reader Dan writes in to let us know that Home Depot convinced him to shop at Sears. No easy feat, we assume.

Here’s Dan’s story:

I was rather disappointed and frustrated at a recent experience at your store in [redacted]. I went there on Sunday, April 25, in order to purchase a new Maytag Bravo series washer and dryer.

I had done my research and did some in-store price comparison at Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy and Fry’s. Sears happened to have the washer on sale, but your store had the best price on the dryer and included free delivery/installation/haul away.

I walked in and spoke with the associate in the appliances section and asked if he would price match the Sears price on the washer. He immediately brought up some unknown, nondescript website that displayed the Sears price as nearly $200 higher than it really was.

I had the phone number for the local Sears store and he spent about 15 seconds waiting for someone to answer the phone. He quickly gave up and told me that he could not match that price. He then showed me the inventory and told me that I wouldn’t be able to get delivery until approximately June 1.

He also mentioned that Sears probably didn’t have then in stock either. At that point, he seemed uninterested in working with me further and moved on to another customer who came into the department after I did.

I walked out, drove to Sears, negotiated down the price on the dryer and will have them delivered next week.

Next up is a new dishwasher, range and refrigerator. I have a pretty good idea of where I won’t be shopping for those.

Good work, Home Depot! Sears should send you a thank you card.

Has anyone else had trouble haggling with Home Depot?