New Twitter Friend At Sears Helps Reader Get New Dishwasher

Remember Bob? He had an extended warranty on his Kenmore dishwasher, and Sears decided that it would much rather send repairman after repairman to fix his defective dishwasher–and reimburse him to pay someone to wash his dishes. Between following Doug Moore, SVP and President of Appliances on Twitter and writing to Consumerist, Bob is getting a new dishwasher. A functioning dishwasher.

Well, I wanted to tell you that all’s well that ends well. Doug Moore, President of Sears Appliances did, in fact, “follow” me on Twitter which enabled me to send him a direct message. He replied back, asking for my cell phone number so that we could talk. Within 60 seconds of sending him my number, my phone rang. “Bob? Hello, this is Doug Moore….” I was pleasantly shocked that he called me himself, and was very pleased when he told me that he was going to have someone call me from their “Sears Cares” support group. Shortly thereafter, Robert from that group called me and he looked over the long list of items on that had been addressed. He told me – without me asking – that he would be getting me a replacement dishwasher and that he was very sorry for the inconvenience. So, thanks to Consumerist for providing the forum, and to Sears for listening. My faith in a great American institution has been restored, and our family can stop arguing who’s turn it is to wash the dishes!

Functioning appliances and family harmony: a happy ending indeed.

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