Star Of Microsoft Kin's Sexty Ads Has Sext Parody Video History

Last week, Microsoft pulled some ads for the new Kin social media device after our prurient pals over at Consumer Reports pointed out that they seemed to promote sexting (In one of the shots, a teenager puts the gadget under his shirt and takes a picture). “Microsoft takes the issue of sexting very seriously,” said a Microsoft spokesman regarding the yank. Well they certainly must, reports ANIMAL, because that’s exactly the kind of content where they seem to have found Rosa Salazar, the campaign’s main actress. For instance, her starring role in the parodic safe-sext-take on Salt n’ Peppa’s 1991 smash hit, “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

There’s also one where she plays a girl lying on her back in bed while her shirtless boyfriend atop her wishes Windows 7 would make him “last longer.”

Pretty tame all around, and, while I’m not a prude and don’t really think the Kin ads are that bad, except in a “Welcome to the Social”-like way, Microsoft shouldn’t pretend like it didn’t know it was putting off a sexty vibe.

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