Spirit Airlines Introduces "Pre-Reclined" Seats

While everyone’s been raising a hoot and a holler about Spirit Airlines’ recent decision to begin charging for carry-on bags, the budget carrier has quietly been rolling out planes with “pre-reclined” seats. At least you don’t have to worry about being chided by a flight attendant to sit up while the plane prepares to land.

In the last month, Spirit has put two Airbus 320 planes into service featuring the fixed seat backs. Both planes fly to Ft. Lauderdale; one from Washington, D.C. and the other from LaGuardia Airport in NYC.

A company rep says two more Airbus 320s will be added this summer and both will have the pre-reclined seating, which isn’t exactly winning rave reviews.

“I hate sitting upright,” said one passenger. “It felt cheap and uncomfortable.”

Of course, the rationale behind the fixed seats is cost. These seats weigh less (meaning fuel savings) and have fewer moving parts (meaning maintenance savings).

Is this a reasonable compromise for lower fares? Or is this a dealbreaker?


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