Buncha Peoples' Droids Randomly Deleting All Their Text Messages

Maybe they are sentient after all, just like the commercials suggest, and they’ve decided it’s time for you to move on. A slew of Droid owners are reporting that their cellphones will sometimes randomly delete all of their text messages. That’s every picture of your baby your wife sent you, every hilarious exchange between you and your best friend, and every must-have address you’ve got stored as a text message.

Issue 5669, a Google Code forum thread devoted to the subject, has over 337 comments on the topic, and has been starred by over 230 people. Based on the comments, a number of people have had all their texts deleted more than once. No solutions seem to be forthcoming, and the issue has been going on since at least December, 2009.

Are you a Droid owner? Has this happened to you? Sound off in the comments.

Issue 5669: Droid deleting all Messaging/SMS conversation threads at random or triple sending [Code.Google.com] (Thanks to Chris!)

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