Facts And Myths About Cutting Gas Costs

BillShrink writes in with some tips on how to cut the costs of fueling your car. Just as valuable as the tips to cut costs are the way the email shoots down myths about gas-saving methods that don’t really work.

From the email:

· Avoid idling when possible. Idling wastes gas when you could be using it on the road.

· Use your cruise control. Cruise control is probably in your car, so use it! Driving at a constant speed helps save your car gas.

· Use overdrive gears. Using these gears makes your engine slow down and use less gas.

· Avoid carrying excessive weight. The heavier your car, the more gas your car uses. An extra 100 pounds reduces your MPG by two percent!

· Don’t speed. We know you’re probably running late but taking the pedal off the metal. The faster your car is going, especially when over 60 mph, the more gas you need.

· Don’t brake or accelerate too quickly. Driving aggressively can lower your gas mileage significantly, especially when you’re driving on the highway.

· Loyalty = Savings. Join a loyalty club. Some gas stations offer lower prices when you present their membership card

· Fill your tires with Nitrogen. Nitrogen helps tires maintain the right pressure for a longer period of time as opposed to oxygen, this because nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules. So the next time you need to add air to your tires, add nitrogen.

And now for the gas-saving superstitions to avoid:

· Opening the windows instead of using the air conditioner has no measurable effect.

· Gas saving gadgets you can buy for your car don’t really help your gas mileage, according to the EPA.

· Neither do gas thinners.

· Gas is NOT cheaper mid-week.

· Shopping around for cheaper gas DOES NOT burn more than you’ll end up saving.

What do you do to cut down costs at the pump?

(Thanks, Diana!)

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