Art Institute Of Pittsburgh Sees Our Post, Fixes Student's Billing Issue

Last month, Daniel wrote in to complain that the Art Institute Online, which is part of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, had completely jacked up his final semester with them. When he wrote to us, he had no diploma, and he was being charged nearly $3,000 for undisclosed course requirements that the school had promised to comp. Fortunately, he’s written back with some good news.

Closure! A day after you guys posted my situation, I received calls and emails from everyone who’s anyone at the school… up to the VP… who gave me his cell phone number in case I had any more issues.

The school credited the final class as well as the one that was being billed in full (apparently my loans never went through for the second-to-last class?). I’m told my diploma is on the way.

I waited to send this addendum as I’ve been logging back into the school forum fairly often waiting for my student account to reflect a zero balance, which it now does.

Finally, a happy ending in what was (otherwise) up to the end a positive experience. As a “blog” comment was mentioned in one of the phone calls, I know I have the Consumerist to thank in expediting a result in this matter.

Art Institute Of Pittsburgh Decides You Need To Buy One More Class To Graduate… After Graduation”

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