Walmart Receipt Checker Helps Customer, Justifies Existence

Wes writes that he has discovered a previously unknown use for retail receipt checkers. They can help you to determine when a store is ripping you off, rather than the other way around.

He explains:

Yesterday, at Walmart I was complaining to my girlfriend about
annoying receipt checkers as a Walmart employee at the door went
through my cart and verified that every item appeared on my receipt.
I’m not sure if the employee heard me or not, but she interrupted my
conversation to point out a discrepancy.
“Where’s your other garden hose?” she asked.
“Huh? I only bought one.”
“Well you were charged $13.13 for ’50 ft garden hose’ twice. You can
take your receipt to customer support and the will refund one of the

After thanking her I received my refund and left the store with a new
attitude toward Walmart receipt checkers.

Thank you, anonymous Walmart receipt checker, for looking out for a consumer! You should be cloned and stationed at every Walmart in the country.

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