At Least One Honest Person Exists On eBay

While most sellers on eBay are busy talking up the historic and/or kitsch value of the moldy t-shirts and sun-damaged movie posters they salvaged from their parents’ crawlspace, Consumerist reader Daniel has pointed us in the direction of one item where the seller has decided to be honest about the product, for better or worse.

In his description for a semi-battered copy of the bestselling 1968 astrology tome, Sun Signs by Linda Goodman, the seller lays out what you’d be buying, warts and all:

This is a wonderful book. If you enjoy talking to Flying Spaghetti Monsters before you drift off to sleep, then this book is for you.
There is no dust sleeve included with this 549 page book made exclusively from the Scrotal fur of a Unicorn.
This book belonged to my mother in the 1970’s.
There is a pencil scribble on the last blank page. I’m pretty sure I did that. At 4 years old, I think I was trying to spell “bullsh1t.”
Cut me some slack, it ended up kinda sh1tty looking, but I knew that what I was writing was true to my 4 yr. old heart.
Anyhoo, this completely bogus piece of crap astrological book from 1968 is up for auction.
If this hunk of sh1t sells, I will donate 1/2 of the proceeds to the charity of your choice!

Check out the item listing for yourself [eBay]

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