3DTV Can Make You Sick, Samsung Warns

As if the burden of having to wear dorky glasses in your living room weren’t a big enough strike against would-be-next-big-thing 3DTV, now Samsung warns that watching can give you a feeling akin to motion sickness, Digital Home reports.

From the story:

Samsung Electronics has posted an advisory on its corporate web site warning that children and teenagers may be more susceptible to health issues when viewing 3D content on their televisions.

The company also recommends that pregnant woman, the elderly and anyone under the influence of alcohol should refrain from watching programming in 3D.

Samsung also says that wearing 3D glasses for any other purpose may be physically harmful and could weaken your eyesight.

Pregnant women, the elderly and teenagers don’t like to watch a lot of TV, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Samsung issues health warning for 3DTV viewers [Digital Home]
(Thanks, George!)

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