Wells Fargo Holds Your ATM Card Hostage In Portland. You Live In Bolivia.

John is in Bolivia. His money is not, thanks to Wells Fargo incompetence that has him making $10 phone calls to executive customer service and his friend wiring him thousands of dollars.

John writes:

I live in Bolivia, S America. I had to close an old Wells Fargo checking account and then open a new one online. Before I opened my new ckg acct your people told me my old debit card would work just fine with this new acct. Well guess what, it didn’t and it took them nearly ten weeks to get a new card and pin to me here in Bolivia.

I couldn’t in the meantime withdraw money from ATMs here or pay any of my monthly US bills like Earth Class Mail, which processes my US mail in Portland and upon whom I depend to scan and email my daily postal mail to me here in Bolivia, because I had no valid debit/ATM card. No debit card for ten weeks! I got nasty emails from my creditors. ECM cut off my acct so I couldn’t retrieve any of my mail online. It was a total mess.

On top of that, I had to spend more than $300 in phone calls from phone booths here in the sweltering heat to Wells exec cust svc (Debbie) arguing about where in the heck that new card was.

She repeatedly promised to call me back so I wouldnt have to pay the long distance charges but she never did. She claimed she “couldn’t get through” even though my family and friends can phone me here in Bolivia anytime they like.

Debbie couldn’t get it thru her thick skull that the card and pin were supposed to be sent to me here and NOT to my US mailing address in Oregon. They sent THREE cards and PINs to Earth Class Mail in Portland. What good were those cards to me in Bolivia when they were sitting in friggin Portland?

My friend Jeff in Chicago had to keep wiring me thousands of dollars via Western Union at my expense until Debbie finally figured out where to send the card and pin. I was and still am livid with Wells Fargo. Absolutely livid.

Now your bank is telling me I need to call them if I want to increase my daily ATM withdrawal limit from $300 to $500, which was my limit on the old card. They won’t increase it via a secure online email request by me at wf.com. So there’s another $10 call.

I want an apology NOW and my $300 back NOW.

Tarija, Bolivia

Jeez, that stinks. Maybe start using Skype to make those calls to Wells Fargo?