My Black Corvette Is Painted In The Shade Of Incompetence

Scott writes in to complain his black Corvette was stuck with a lousy paint job. And also to brag that he has a Corvette. He writes:

About six (6) months ago I purchased a new Z06 Corvette and selected the color black, not knowing the coloration is worse than any other car markers. In strong side sun the black looks so bad that its like looking at a gray primer through the paint.

I went to an automotive paint sales store that has a very expensive camera, which can identify pigment and other problems. The paint supply store said the pigment mix is terrible and thus the reason my new black Corvette looks so bad in strong horizontal sun. It has yellow, white and other pigments of such quantity that it destroys the black from looking like a car of this nature should have.

Even a Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai have blacks that do not have pigment mix problems. Thus, since the public looks to your organization to site problems, I wonder why the All American sports car, where appearance is key, that no one brought to the attention of the public…..stay away from black on new Corvettes.

If you’ve got the same care, let us know if you’ve noticed the same problem. I would check my own Corvette, but I lost my keycard to get into the parking garage on Fantasyland and Nevergonnahappen.