4 Reasons Consumers Still Buy Top-Loading Washing Machines

Even though front-loading washing machines are generally more efficient and clean your dirty duds better than old-school top-loading machines, some surveys show that around 3 out of 4 American households are still loading from above. Our brighter brethren at Consumer Reports endeavored to find out why.

Price: With some rare exceptions, front-loading washers are anywhere from 25-50% more expensive than comparable top-loading machines.

Vibration: Some front-loaders cause significant vibration, often perceived as the machines being noisy. If your washer is situated on a wood floor, or if it’s within earshot of your living room or bedroom, this can be a big annoyance.

Ergonomics: Bending over to load and unload a front-loader can takes its toll on your back.

Mold: Moisture and debris trapped in the seal of a front-loader door can cause a mold problem, especially if you run cold-water loads on a regular basis.

Over at CR, they have some tips on how to deal with the mold issue, if that’s a concern of yours.

Top-loading washers remain more popular with Americans [Consumer Reports]

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