Two Out Of Three Pizza Huts To Flee Iceland

Icelanders have it rough these days when it comes to fast food: In October McDonald’s skipped out on the island nation, which suffered an economic collapse in late 2008, and now Pizza Hut is closing all but one of its three restaurants after 20 years of business, Reuters reports.

Rising costs of importing the ingredients necessary to operate the restaurants and the decline of the country’s currency, krona, are to blame. And in the midst of an economic crisis, who wants to pay roughly $17 for a plain cheese pizza?

“It’s obvious that families have less money to spend and restaurants are among the first things people cut,” Pizza Hut manager Thordis Loa Thorhallsdottir told Reuters.

While some might see this development as a pie half eaten kinda situation, there is hope, says Thorhallsdottir, who manages the lone Pizza Hut slated to stay in business, located in a shopping mall near Reykjavik.

“We have a large stable of loyal customers and plan to keep going for a long time yet, despite the hardship this country is going through at the moment,” Thorhallsdottir said.

Yeah! Don’t let the man get ya down!

Iceland’s Pizza Huts (mostly) to go, company says [Reuters]

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