Judge Forces Comcast To Pay Customer $5,087

“I have researched his issues and based on our records the case is without merit,” wrote a Comcast spokesperson to local news investigator Amy Davis. She was looking into the case of Wayne, whose credit was damaged by Comcast just before he was going to refinance his house. This meant that on top of what he had already paid to lock in a lower interest rate, he had to pay several thousand dollars more.

The trouble started because Wayne refused to pay for Comcast service after never getting a working signal, despite multiple visits by Comcast technicians. He cancelled service, and that was the last he heard of them until he tried to refi his house.

Comcast rebuffed efforts by the reporter, but they couldn’t stop the wheels of justice. Wayne sued them in small claims court. The judge reached a different opinion from that of the Comcast spokesman, and ordered the cable company to pay up $5,087. That was $5,000 for the original damages, plus 5% annual interest, plus $7 in costs.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to file a small claims court, and how good your odds are. You don’t even need a lawyer and it could cost only $50 in filing fees. To learn more about how to file in small claims, check out our posts, “How To File A Lawsuit” and “Suing Big Companies In Small Claims Court Is Fun And Easy.”

Comcast Eats Words, Pays Up [Ask Amy Blog]

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