Good Samaritan Emails Us From The Account You Left Logged In On A Best Buy Display iPad

Hey world: Don’t leave yourself logged in to a display product at Best Buy! One Consumerist reader found someone logged in to a display iPad at Best Buy and emailed them and us from the logged in account.

Reader R says:

Dear Consumerist:

You should have receive an email from [redacted] about not logging out of mail account on display product at Best Buy.

I was the person that sent it to him and you. Just wanted to validate that email for you. I also didn’t want any of my personal info sent through that email.

I really couldn’t believe someone did that.

Sure enough, here’s the email:

To whom it may concern:

You decided to try out an iPad at your local best buy. But guess what? You logged into the mail app on a publicly used test product and didn’t log out?!?!?!?

This time a good citizen has decided to alert you of your mistake. I will also be kind and log you out Be aware and use some common sense the next time.

Sent from your own email,
A good Samaritan.

Sent from my iPad


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