EA Taking Overbilling Issue For Online Game 'Very Seriously'

An online game is sticking players with charges of up to $300 a month, Kotaku reports. But not to worry. A forum manager has checked in and confirmed that EA is taking the problem seriously.

James Nichols, community forums manager for the offending Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, posts:

We are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue and reverse charges, we understand the inconvenience this has caused many and take the situation very seriously.

That said to provide the best assistance some things need to happen:

– Contact your financial as soon as you are able to explain the situation.

– Charges will be reversed, this process can take several business days depending on how many accounts are processed.

– If your bank has not yet refunded additional fees you can then contact EA Billing Support for assistance in this matter.

EA Billing Support will be unable to provide assistance until the charges are refunded (as your financial institution is unlikely to take action until the funds are present.)

We do not want our customers to sit on hold (or not be able to get through at all) when we’re currently unable to provide further assistance until your account has been refunded.

If you’ve been affected, let us know how comforting it is to you that your problem is being taken seriously.

Warhammer Online Bug Results in More Than $300 Monthly Fees For Some [Kotaku]
(Thanks, Jeff and Roger!)