Ex-Stripper Files Lawsuit After Seeing Herself On Billboard

For as much as exotic dancers (you might call them strippers) show off when they’re spinning around the brass pole on stage at the club, most of them are pretty private about their profession when they’re not at work. That explains why a former dancer of the exotic type filed a lawsuit after she saw a picture of herself being used on a billboard — for a club she never even worked at.

“I was riding in the back of a taxi minding my business looking out a window and, boom, there I am, massive in my underwear for Scores,” the ex-stripper — formerly a dancer at the Penthouse Executive Club — told the NY Daily News about seeing herself on a billboard for the Manhattan strip cub. “I about fell out of my seat.”

So she has filed a lawsuit claiming that she was forced into the 2008 photo shoot and never gave permission for the pics to be used by anyone other than the Penthouse Club.

“She was forced to take these pictures and she never gave anybody consent to use her image,” said her lawyer. “She was told she would never again work for Penthouse unless she took the pictures… There’s a difference between dancing in a small area at a club and having your scantily clad picture put on a billboard for all New York to see.”

On a separate note, anyone wishing to visit Scores while in NYC should be advised that at least one of the women in their billboard doesn’t work there. And we do not believe in false advertising.

Former stripper Nicole Hughes claims she was duped into posing for billboards for Scores [Daily News]

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