Should I Have Given Back The iPad UPS Delivered Early?

Frederick tells Consumerist that he had an interesting dilemma yesterday. Another member of his household ordered an iPad, which showed up yesterday due to an error on UPS’s part. He accepted the package, then gave it back when the driver returned 45 minutes later, explaining that the delivery was a mistake. Would you have given it back?

While this fits in with today’s theme of iPad fever on the internets, it also applies to other highly publicized items with strict release dates.

Yesterday April 2, we were surprised to look at the tracking of our iPad to see that it was on the truck for delivery. UPS pulled up around 9AM and I signed for it. It was for someone else in the house so I didn’t open it. About 45 minutes later the person who had ordered the iPad returned home shortly followed by the UPS truck back. The driver said he’d been contacted by his supervisor to retrieve the package as it was not to be delivered until April 3. We gave the package back. Tracking quickly changed to show that it was picked up for later delivery. Tracking now shows delivery for today April 3rd.

What shocked me was the response on Twitter that we shouldn’t have returned the package. Someone else making a mistake should not mean you always should take advantage of the mistake. Sure we would have had the iPad a day early but why is that such a big deal? Who knows what might have happened at the UPS facility? Another person out of a job? One week from now what would it matter?

When our iPad arrives today we’ll be unique just like everyone else.

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