NY Politician Uses Billboard To Attack Saggy Pants

Attention saggy pants lovers: A state senator in NY has commissioned a billboard that calls on you to “Stop the Sag.”

Gothamist reports that State Sen. Eric Adams of Brooklyn is proceeding with a plan to post 6 billboards requesting that people stop looking like fools with their pants on the ground.

“I was on a subway train, and there was this young man,” State Senator Adams told the NYT. “His behind was showing, literally. He had underwear, but even the underwear was sagging. All the passengers were looking at each other in disgust, but nobody was saying anything.”

So, why worry about annoying pants? Sen. Adams, who used to be a police captain, says it’s about more than just people on the subway being annoyed:

“The first indicator that your child is having problems is the dress code. Prior to the sagging pants, it was the shoestrings out of sneakers. All this is born out of prison. We took the shoestrings and the belts from prisoners.This is probably not a perfect science, but if you start looking at how your child is dressing, it is an indicator of who his friends are and what group he’s associated with. It’s all in the clothing.”

In case you were wondering, our President has weighed-in on the sagging pants issue — he’s anti-sagging pants, but also feels that we have more pressing issues to concern ourselves with:

“Any public official who’s worrying about sagging pants probably needs to spend some time focusing on real problems,” he told MTV news during his campaign.

“Stop the Sag” Billboards Are Up [Gothamist]

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