Welcome To Kabletown, Consumerist!

Hello Readers, My name is Jack Donaghy and it is my proud duty to welcome you to Kabletown. As you are aware, Kabletown recently merged with NBC, where I have had the privilege of spending many years as Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming for General Electric. Now, I’m lucky enough to be able to welcome Consumerist to my new family.

Simply put, the new Consumerist is about offering our customers more — more posts, more speed, more choice and more control. The new Consumerist is the culmination of years of work to transition to a platform that will now offer innovation and also, newness.

New Consumerist represents the future of our company and it’s a promise to customers that we’ll keep innovating.

I’ve been in the industry since before I was born and I’ve never seen change move as rapidly as it does today.

So stay tuned! Things will be different and also, new. Plus, there will be innovation, infinity, excellence and choice. In addition, there will be choices that are different and new. And infinite access to more fast new choices than ever before.

Thank you.

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