Hulu Is Profitable, May Add Subscription Service

Good news for people who love watching TV on computers (me, admittedly), Hulu is profitable, and according to a NYT Interview with Jason Kilar, Hulu’s chief executive, revenue topped $100 million in 2009.

As far as subscription services, there is pressure from the content providers to start one. It all hinges on the iPad:

“Our mission is to help people discover the world’s premium content, and we believe that subscriptions can help to unlock some of that, including sports and movies and premium cable shows,” he said. “We’re certainly open to subscriptions as a complement to an ad-supported model.”

People briefed on Hulu’s plan believe it may test the subscription approach with its iPad app. They could not say when such an application might be available.

Mr. Kilar declined to talk about any future Hulu products, but he waxed enthusiastic about the coming wave of ultra-portable tablet computers like the iPad.

Would you ever pay for Hulu?

Successes (and Some Growing Pains) at Hulu [NYT]

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