Comcast Wants $2.25 A Month Not To List My Digital Voice Number

Through an online chat with a CSR, Max found out Comcast would charge him $2.25 a month NOT to list his digital voice number. When he bitterly turned down the not-so-generous offer, the CSR still asked him to leave positive feedback. Find out how he responded by perusing this chat excerpt:

Mitch > I want the number unlisted, please.

Nieves > To set expectation, there will be $2.25 monthly charge for that.Nieves > Would that be fine?

Mitch > yikes
Mitch > no, I won’t do it then

Mitch > a $2.25 charge to NOT list my number?
Mitch > where do you send it to? just curious.

Nieves > Our team will automatically take your phone number off from public directory.

Mitch > the phone book?
Mitch > sites?

Nieves > Yes Mitch.

Nieves > All telephone directories.

Mitch > well I would like to have it unlisted, but if it’s going to cost $2.25 a month, I’ll decline it.

Nieves > I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Nieves > Mitch, I totally understand your concern.

Nieves > Rest assured that we don’t provide your phone number to any telemarketers.

Mitch > okayMitch > are we all set then? thanks for changing the number.

Nieves > They can access public directories that is why they are able to any person.
Nieves > Do you have any other concern for me today?

Mitch > ok
Mitch > your supervisor wouldn’t be able to waive the unlisted charge?
Mitch > please ask, I would appreciate it.Nieves > Let me check.

Nieves > Thank you so much for patiently waiting.
Nieves > Mitch, I sincerely apologize even my supervisor cannot waive the month charge for having your phone number unlisted.

Mitch > okayNieves > Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Mitch > when does the new number take effect?

Nieves > The number will take effect after 24-48 hours.
Mitch > okay

Nieves > Thank you.
Nieves > I hope you can still provide us with positive feedback. Thank you again.

Mitch > Sorry, no positive feedback this time
Mitch > have a good night

So yeah. No positive feedback. Not that it was the CSR’s fault that Max would be stuck with such an asinine charge.