Ford Partners With Microsoft For Recharging Electric Vehicles

Earlier today, Ford announced that it’s going to be the first car manufacturer to employ Microsoft’s Hohm energy management system when it begins rolling out its line of electric and hybrid electric vehicles over the next two years.

Ford says that using the Hohm system in their vehicles will help owners determine when and how to most efficiently and affordably recharge their battery and plug-in cars. They claim it will also help utility companies deal with increased demand as electric vehicles hit the consumer market.

Says Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, “As the market for electric vehicles expands, it will have a significant impact on home energy consumption and demand across the nation’s energy grid. With Microsoft Hohm, Ford and Microsoft will deliver a solution that will make it easier for car owners to make smart decisions about the most affordable and efficient ways to recharge electric vehicles, while giving utilities better tools for managing the expected changes in energy demand.”

Ford plans to release an electric version of their popular Focus in 2011, followed by a yet-unnamed plug-in hybrid in 2012.