EECB Gets United Healthcare To Cough Up $1,100

Reader Monica used a trick she learned on Consumerist and got her health insurance company to pay her more than 11 big fat Benjamins.

Monica writes:

For two years I have been appealing to my former insurance company to cover over $1100 in claims. Long story short, I used your EECB method and the claim is now paid in full. Thank you for making me a better consumer and for helping keep the man honest.

Congrats! To learn how you can send an EECB, check out this post. Just remember to use good judgement. It’s to be used to resolve intractable issues where the normal routes of customer service have failed.

Recently I received an email from a gal who was bragging about using an EECB on Popeye’s because she had gone in with coupon for biscuits and chicken and they didn’t have enough biscuits to fill her order and they asked her to wait while they made some more biscuits. She didn’t want to wait and have some of her biscuits be cold so she left and EECB’d the chicken chain to get them to pay up for the biscuits she didn’t get.

The EECB is not a game or a toy, so be sure to be like Monica and not the Popeye’s chick.

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