Kmart Settles Age Discrimination Suit For $120K

Kmart has agreed to a $120,000 settlement in an age discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee at one of their stores in Hawaii.

The woman, who was 70 years old at the time of the alleged discrimination, had been working as a pharmacist for Kmart when she claims her boss told her she was too old and that she should retire.

“And after she refused, he started changing her schedule, scheduled her to work on Sunday so she couldn’t go to church, et cetera,” an attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said.

Baby Boomers are now edging toward what has long been considered retirement age, but — between a desire to stay vital and the ever-growing cost of retirement — people are working later into life. So you can expect to see an increase in age discrimination suits in the next decade as employers look to replace older, higher-paid workers with less-expensive, younger ones.

At what age do you hope to retire? More importantly, at what age do you think you’ll be financially able to retire?

Kmart Pays $120K In Age Discrimination Lawsuit [KITV]

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