Car Warranty Robocallers Banned From Telemarketing, Will Pay $665,000

The FTC says that the person behind a deceptive robocalling operation that allegedly used prerecorded messages to “fraudulently pitch extended auto warranties to U.S. consumers” will have to pay $655,000 as well as “turn over the proceeds from the sale of his second home in Florida and two luxury cars, a Porsche 911 and a Lexus sedan.”

This is the second settlement with a car warranty robocaller, says the FTC. The case against 4 of 6 defendants still ongoing.

From the FTC:

The settlement order against Voice Touch and Dunne permanently bars them from both telemarketing and assisting anyone else in telemarketing. It also bars them from making a range of misrepresentations, including:

  • that they are affiliated with a consumer’s car manufacturer or dealer;
  • that the consumer’s original auto warranty is about to expire;
  • that they are authorized to sell, and are selling, auto warranties that will extend the original manufacturer’s warranty;
  • that they are selling warranties of any kind;
  • the total cost to buy, receive, or use the goods or services they are selling;
  • any material restrictions, limitations, or conditions on buying, receiving, or using their services;
  • their refund, cancellation, exchange, or re-purchase policies; and
  • the performance, effectiveness or any other key characteristics of their goods or services.

Finally, the order requires Dunne to cooperate with the FTC in its ongoing case against the remaining defendants.

FTC Settlement Also Permanently Bars Voice Touch, Inc. From Telemarketing [FTC] (Thanks, Sarah!)

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