Shoplifters Sentenced To Jail After Bragging On Dr. Phil Show

A judge in California sentenced to jail a couple convicted of selling more than $100,000 worth of stolen goods online… after they went on The Dr. Phil Show and bragged about it.

In November 2008, the hubby and wife appeared on the wise-crackin’ headshrink’s show and ran down the details of how they heisted toys and resold them online. Sadly, it’s not an uncommon practice. Just one that people don’t usually brag about on a popular national talk show.

Mr. Sleazeball earned himself 27 months behind bars while the Missus got off with only 366 days in the clink.

Per their lawyer, the couple appeared on the show to ask for Phil’s help in curbing their supposed shoplifting addiction, but they alleged the show’s producers were more interested in the details of their schemes than in helping them.

However, in his sentencing remarks, the judge pointed out that the couple had been trying to get on the show for months previous to their appearance and had pitched themselves to producers for a weight loss episode.

Their appearance on the show obviously didn’t do anything to help, as they continued on with thieving and reselling until they were busted by the police in March 2009. In fact, authorities say there were still 500 boxes of unsold stolen items in their house.

The judge also had some harsh words for Dr. Phil: “What a charlatan this man is,” she said. “What a terrible, terrible man.”

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