Scamming Cabbies Probably Scammed Less Than Previously Estimated

The cab drivers accused of scamming New Yorkers by using a rate meant for out of town travel say they have been vindicated by a statement from the Taxi and Limousine Commissioner. It’s apparently possible that some drivers were accidentally hitting the wrong button at the end of a trip, which would not result in the passenger being overcharged.

From the NYP:

These drivers did press a button that switched their meters to the suburban rate — but apparently did so accidentally and at the end of their trips, meaning their riders were never overcharged, Daus said.

“How can you overcharge a person at the end of a ride when you don’t get money for it?” Daus said, speaking at a City Council hearing yesterday.

“It could be accidental.”

The analysis of the data is not yet complete, but the TLC has added an alert system that informs passengers if they are being charged an out-of-town rate. No word on how many drivers of the 35,558 initially accused would be exonerated.

Cabs’ tabs show fewer cheaters [NYP]

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