My Walmart Broke Away From Corporate Policy By Refusing My Receiptless Exchange

D says he bought some clippers from Walmart, then turned around and decided to take them back and exchange them for something of higher quality. Management turned him down because he had no receipt, despite the fact that the move apparently broke away from Walmart policy.

He writes:

I was wondering if you ever heard of this. Before dinner tonight I wanted to swing over to my local Walmart in [redacted], FL to return some hair clippers I bought on Saturday night (2 days ago). They were unused, but I decided that I wanted another brand because this one was kind of on the crappy side (it was a combo set and the beard trimmer thing didn’t work very well). I didn’t have the receipt, but I knew there shouldn’t be a problem returning it simply for store credit.

Well apparently I was wrong — when I got to the returns desk the lady scanned it and saw it was $45.

“Sorry,” the Walmart return lady said, “we have a policy to not refund anything over $20 without a receipt.”

Surely she was confused, I didn’t want cash back! I simply wanted store credit to purchase a different set of clippers! I explained this to her.
“I don’t want cash, just store credit. I see your posted policy says you do returns up to 45 days later without receipts for store credit!”
“Sorry,” she replied,” this store’s policy is different. We’ve had trouble in the past. I keep telling the manager he should post it somewhere…”

To make a long story short — She calls the Assistant Store Manager up who told me the same thing. After arguing with him for a minute about his posted policy and how I would probably end up spending MORE than the clippers were worth he said I could try another store. He was firm and unwilling to budge. I got frustrated and left. I don’t see myself going back to that Walmart anytime soon.

Does this seem right to you guys? Can a store have a non-posted policy that goes AGAINST the corporate policy?! I didn’t ask, but I know that Target can look up a receipt using your credit card, maybe Walmart can as well…

From Wal-Mart Returns FAQ:

“What’s Walmart’s No Receipt returns policy?
Walmart’s No Receipt policy applies to items returned in a store only. You have the option of a cash refund (for purchases under $25), a Gift Card for the amount of the purchase (for purchases over $25), a credit to your credit card or an even exchange for the product. We also follow any manufacturer’s warranties. You can make up to three No Receipt returns within a 45 day period.”

Yet another example of why you should keep your receipts. Have you ever been similarly stopped by Walmart?

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