Best Buy Clarifies Its Policy On Imaginary Sync Service For 3D Glasses

Last week, HD Guru pointed out that Best Buy was advertising 3D glasses syncing as part of a $150 installation service for people buying 3D TVs. The problem with the offer is it’s not necessary (or even possible) to manually “sync” your 3D glasses with a 3D TV. Now Best Buy has responded to the post, partly by explaining that some customers might not know that the glasses sync up automatically and that they can depend on Geek Squad to educate them.

From Best Buy, as quoted on HD Guru:

We have some customers who aren’t quite sure how the 3D glasses work, or that the glasses automatically sync with their new 3D TVs. So we wanted to convey that they can depend on Geek Squad to answer their questions during installation and set-up. There is no additional charge for this – and the Geek Squad 3D installation and networking services are included in the total price of this offer.

Best Buy also says that their employees were only just now trained in the 3D services so that’s why they gave bad explanations to HD Guru last week; the company doesn’t address the fact that the syncing service was offered in a printed circular, however.

At any rate, despite the ongoing stupidity of this whole syncing 3D glasses claim, Best Buy clarifies that the installation package actually covers equiment set-up and an in-home tutorial on how to use everything. If you get the service, be sure to ask for your free syncing instructions.

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