Apple Now Lets You Give iPhone Apps As Gifts

Because nothing says “Happy Anniversary” or “Congrats on the new baby” like an iPhone app, Apple has recently added the Give a Gift feature to their App Store.

Now, when you look at an App in the store, there’s a little button next to the price that says “Gift this App.” You fill in the info, write an optional note (max. 500 characters) and it either sends off an e-mail to the giftee or you can print out a certificate if you’d like something the recipient can hold in their hand. And if you want to gift the same app to several different people, that’s doable too.

However, as Kotaku points out, you can’t gift apps internationally. So if you’re trying to woo that French girl you met while on vacation last summer, you’ll have to send her a real gift.

Apple Adds Ability to Gift Apps, Games in iTunes [Kotaku]

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