McDonald's Paid Me $0.10 To Take An Extra Beef Patty

Reader Grant says he saved $0.10 by taking an extra patty off McDonald’s hands, which is sort of gross if you try to picture it.

Grant says:

This weekend my wife and I were driving home from a trip to visit her family and stopped at a McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat. My wife only likes the single cheeseburgers while I will usually get a McDouble (two beef patties, but only one slice of cheese) – after my order they gave me my receipt and while I was waiting for my food I glanced at it.

I noticed that my McDouble was $1.00 and the single cheeseburger was $1.10. So in essence, McDonald’s paid me $0.10 to take an extra beef patty. I believe the cheeseburgers used to be $0.95. So the McDouble has always been a great deal, but now you actually save money by purchasing one.