Family With Shattered TV Takes Best Buy To Court, Wins

Remember the Florida family whose sad story of a smashed TV we shared on Super Bowl Sunday? When they unboxed their 50-inch plasma screen HDTV, they found a cracked screen and a world of sadness. They took a page from the Consumerist playbook and sued Best Buy in small claims court. When the mega-retailer failed to send a representative, they won a default judgment.

When faced with impossible grammar problems, you too can take companies that refuse to budge to small claims court. Here’s how. But it’s also a good idea to check inside the box of your high-priced electronics to make sure that the item is intact, and not a paving stone.

Jacksonville Family Takes Best Buy to Court; No Show Equals a Win [First Coast news]

Best Buy Sells Shattered TV In Time For Super Bowl Party

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