Acme Sells Me Edy's Ice Cream, 8 Months Past Expiration

Last week, Consumerist reader Aaron went to his local Acme supermarket outside of Philadelphia to pick up some yummy, delicious, Edy’s ice cream. Except what he brought home was neither yummy nor delicious because it was 8 months past its sell-by date.

Tell us what happened, Aaron:

They had my new favorite flavor that is kinda hard to find (Hot Cocoa, it’s like Rocky Road without the nuts.) And it was on sale, so I also bought some Cherry Chocolate Chip.

When I got home and helped myself to my treat, the ice-cream was bad and I dumped out the bowl.

The Cocoa flavor was just freezer burned. Not very tasty, but not evil. The Cherry on the other hand was downright FOUL.

I knew I wanted to either take them back to the store or write to Edy’s, so I kept the containers.

Edy’s feedback form asks for expiration date and UPC code, so I jotted it down. That’s when I noticed the Expiration Dates. The Cocoa wasn’t expired yet (4/25). But the Cherry had, last year — 7/22/09. Almost 8 months past due!!

It wasn’t just expired, it was beyond expiration to the point that it could have been dangerous to eat.

Aaron says he’s returning the expired treat to the store tonight and will let us know how things turn out.

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