What Is The Worst Company In America? We Won't Know Unless You Tell Us

Last year it was AIG, before that, Bank of America (Countrywide). Who will take home the golden turd this year? Will it finally be Comcast, the Buffalo Bills of the WCIA contest? Or will Bank of America come back strong after being knocked out by AIG? We won’t know unless you tell us who you want in the competition. You pick the companies, you pick the winner.

Please help us out by emailing your nominations to WCIA@consumerist.com. Please behave yourselves and nominate one company per email address. Nominated companies must regularly provide goods or services directly to consumers. You may include, if you like, a paragraph explaining your nomination. Thank you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Nominations left in the comments, sent to our personal emails, etc. will not be counted.