Lawsuits Accuse Illinois Subway Of Selling Contaminated Sandwiches

Patrons of a Chicago area subway got an extra topping with their $5 dollar footlongs — potentially lethal bacteria, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Hospitalized patrons, who dined at the Subway from Feb. 27 to March 2, are filing lawsuits against the sub sandwich chain, which is accused of contaminating sandwiches with the fecal-borne bacteria to customers at the location in question.

The Sun-Times reports:

The DuPage County Health Dept. closed the Subway on March 4 after receiving multiple reports of “severe” gastrointestinal illness from patrons, according to the release.

Health officials have confirmed at least 21 cases of Shigella sonnei poisoning linked to the food, and seven of those people, including Romero, were hospitalized, the suit said.

The story, as well as a tip from an anonymous Subway diner who emailed us this story and said he ate a contaminated sandwich at the Subway, indicates that dozens may have been subjected to the poop sandwiches.

Lombard Subway accused of serving bacteria-tainted sandwich [Chicago Sun-Times]

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