Blogger Says GameStop Is Abusing 'Free' Demo To Drive Up Preorders

Nintendo Gal is accusing GameStop of taking a free demo for the Wii game Monster Hunter Tri and systematically refusing to give it out to customers, demanding they plop $5 for a pre-order in order to snag the disc.

She writes:

Today I went on a few errands which brought me to GameStop. I figured while I was in there that I’d check to see if they had any more of the Monster Hunter Tri Wii demo discs still available. When I arrived and asked the employee about the disc, I was told that they were only being given those who pre-order the game. I tried to argue that Capcom had said the discs were free and not supposed to be a “pre-order bonus” and of course got no where. I went to another GameStop location only to be given the exact same story.

On her post, Nintendo Gal is soliciting responses from gamers around the country about whether or not they’re able to get the demo for free at their GameStop, and plotting the yays and nays out on a Google Map. Maybe the used game retailer should change its name to Demo-Stop.

Dubious GameStop Practices Or Monster Hunter Mix-up? [Nintendo Gal]

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