Lawsuit: Prada Exec Wanted To Eliminate "Old, Fat, Ugly, Disgusting" Employees

Here’s a guy who sounds like a real lovely person to be around: The CEO of Prada Japan. A lawsuit alleges that he asked an employee to “eliminate” around 15 managerial staff he described as “old, fat, ugly, disgusting or not having the Prada look,” following a tour of 40 stores,” reports the Telegraph.

The manager who was asked to do this is now suing, claiming that she was told to, “change her hairstyle,” and “to lose weight” because the CEO was “ashamed of [her] ugliness, so he doesn’t want visitors from Italy to see her.”

What a swell place to work. Prada told the Telegraph that it has no comment.

Prada ordered manager to get rid of ‘old, fat and ugly’ staff [Telegraph]

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